Crushing Poverty and Sustaining Lives by Eliminating Aid and Advocating
Locally-Led Development


Specialising within the field of poverty mitigation and food security. We want to work with other organisations and help improve the delivery of projects around the world. A lot of good work is being done but there are still organisations that have unexplained over inflated CEO wages and members of staff that seem to have impunity and lack adequate accountability. ebe is a social purpose organisation delivering a positive impact that will assist in the eradication of the continuing poverty that occurs in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). We want to be an independent unaligned body of project professionals that concentrate solely on finding long-lasting solutions for those that need it most.

There are less than ten years left until the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are purported to be fulfilled. World leaders and national governments need to relinquish the power and control over local communities and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and not only encourage them to decide what they need to help their community develop but also be invited to take a seat at the strategic summit table. This action will be cost-effective, impactful and most importantly… sustainable! We need to replace international aid (not just cut it!) as it is misused, prone to corruption and rarely helps the people in need out of poverty, redesign passive philanthropy and start recognising that these power imbalances deny those communities and CSOs of valued and informed decision making, overlooked for input regarding the development of international policy and practices and constantly surpassed for funding.

These behaviours hurt not help economic development, there needs to be a change and soon. Within the next five years, we want to become a world-leading Think Tank in poverty alleviation. Not only will we be looking at agricultural trade, recovering food waste and restoring degraded ecosystems as resolutions but also the introduction of Blockchain Technology to create secure decentralised supply chains for the providers. But most importantly, what we need to implement around the world is locally-led development being at the core of every International Development Strategy within all developmental organisations, governments and summits.

The economic supply chain needs to be given to the people to redesign their futures. Because let’s face it, it is ludicrous to accept people dying of starvation, malnutrition or extreme poverty in the 21st century!!