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Program management requires a higher level of strategic thinking and consultation. Programs have an essential focus on determining which activities and projects will be needed to implement the program successfully. We use tools and processes which we implement throughout the life-cycle of a program.

With Humanitarian Programming, it is a necessary skill not to be in reactive mode when it comes to issues that emerge. It is important to integrate projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an organisation. Working together with a flexible team that can help overcome the challenge of coordination, establishing coaction between projects, therefore maximising the impact of programs. Culminating in delivering high-quality humanitarian, development and environmental programs.

Managing Projects In Development And Humanitarian Sectors

Project management oversees many different aspects of the project cycle, which includes; project proposals, developing project plans, implementing project activities, monitoring project progress, and evaluating project impact through consistent Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL).

Existence before essence –International Development Professionals (ebe) is an organisation that I developed that invests in humanitarian professionals, providing a contextualised, balanced, comprehensive, and adaptable body of knowledge and expertise to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of projects within the sector. I can set up a customised team to accommodate the intricacies of a project encompassing PRINCE2 and AgilePM Practitioners as well as DProgram/DProject Practitioners.

Remote Working Is
The Future New World

Remote working has become a necessary skill in today’s uncertain environment, which is a skill that I have developed over the past twelve years with job roles that have included Bid and Proposal Writing to assist on project and program development.

I have equipped myself with many technologies using the very latest software to manage KPIs, CRMs and risk making remote working even more achievable. I utilise existing and alternative data sources, techniques, and technologies using information intelligently and innovatively. As a dynamic agent of change, I promote a culture of knowledge-sharing and cross-functional cooperation using online resources and database management. Through ebe I want to promote further how cost-effective remote working can be but also has a smaller impact on the environment.

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“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”


As the owner of a social purpose organisation, there is a tremendous responsibility to have integrity whilst delivering a positive impact that will assist in the eradication of the continuing poverty that occurs in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). All that work with me will hold this ethos and integrity. We want to be an independent, unaligned body of researchers and project professionals that concentrate solely on finding a long-lasting solution through means of access to trade markets for rural farmers and rural people. We need to replace international aid as it is misused, prone to corruption and rarely helps the people in need out of poverty. These behaviours hurt not help economic development, there needs to be a change and soon. Within the next five years, we want to become a world-leading Think Tank in poverty alleviation. Not only will we be looking at agricultural trade as a resolution but also the introduction of Blockchain Technology to create secure decentralised supply chains for the providers. Because let’s face it, it is ludicrous to accept people dying of starvation, malnutrition or extreme poverty in the 21st century!

Our First Beautiful Project …


Specialising within the field of poverty mitigation and food security. Working in partnership with adept experts who together want to redefine project management and produce outstanding, effective and sustainable solutions for the people who are all too often forgotten in our society.

Oleuanna Twig DProgram/DProject

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